Funded Projects

Ongoing Projects and Grants

Listed here are the ongoing projects which are currently funding our academic work in the lab. We also carry out work with the games industry itself.

2013 - Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability. Prize for research proposal on transformative technologies - "Energy Efficiency of Smartphones and the Cloud Infrastructure".

2013 - Research Scholarship for summer student placement. "Gesture Recognition and Interactive Storytelling for Rehabilitation of Children with Impaired Dexterity".

2013 - Small equipment grant:  NVIDIA® Tesla K20 GPU server (£10, 000).

2011 - 2014 Limbs Alive:  Monitoring of Upper Limb Rehabilitation and Recovery after Stroke Through Gaming Using remote monitoring via video game technology to aid in rehabilitation

Funder: Wellcome Trust

2011 - 2012: SimEcopolis: An educational game for communicating sustainable urban development - The aim of this impact award will be to produce a game, SimEcopolis, which is founded on our sustainable cities research and therefore educational, yet is also visually accessible and fun.

Funder: EPSRC Impact

2011 - 2012: Stories for Health: Augmented reality stories for upper limb rehabilitation of preschool children with hemiplegia using interactive story telling on tablet devices to aid rehabilitation.

Funder: Flexibility and Sustainability NHS

2011 - 2014 Concurrency Control for High Performance Memory: Memory management on multi-core devices presents numerous problems with respect to contention of shared resources. This project looks at offsetting performance against memory correctness in real-time applications.

Funder: EPSRC & CCP Games UK

2011 - 2014 Physics Simulation for Crash Test Scenarios: Running large scale crash test scenarios in software is a time consuming, expensive task. This project seeks to reduce these costs and provide the level of results to satisfy the appropriate safety standards

Funder: NewRail (EU FW7)