There are a number of high quality clinical education journals. These illustrate the breadth of research that falls within ClinEdR.

Most journals consider ClinEdR across a range of healthcare professions. While several refer to medical education, they will consider work which does not include doctors. Others are more focused on particular professions or particular aspects of educational practice.

Many journals which are not specifically educational will also publish educational articles. Examples are given below, but many specialty-specific journals will consider educational research.

Open access publishing is important across academic disciplines, and means that publications can be accessed without the reader requiring a subscription or other payment to the journal. Many journals offer open access publication for a fee after a paper is accepted, but publication is not dependent on that payment. Those marked * above offer publication only on an open access model, and a fee is required for publication.

This is just a partial list. If you think another journal should be included, please do contact us.