Incubator for Clinical Education Research

Clinical education research is research which has the understanding or evaluation of any aspect of clinical education as a primary focus. 

The Incubator for Clinical Education Research is a new NIHR initiative which will support health and social care staff who wish to develop careers in educational research, and to develop the discipline of Clinical Education Research (ClinEdR). This encompasses medical education research, dental education research, nurse education research and all other clinical professions.

The Incubator will provide a network of like-minded researchers, at all levels of experience, and across professions. Whether you're looking for a supervisor, advice on funding opportunities, or want to develop your knowledge of educational research, we hope the Incubator will provide a source of information and inspiration.

Use the navigation to find out more about the incubator's aimswork and structure, and to find out more about:

    • The breadth of ClinEdR, and whether your interests fall within our scope
    • Career pathways in ClinEdR
    • Links to organisations and journals where you can find out more about ClinEdR

Do return often as we will be adding new content in coming months. This will include examples of ClinEdR from practitioners across professional backgrounds, and resources developed by experts with extensive experience in the field.

Our Twitter feed (below) is a good place to find out more about who we are, what we're doing, and to contribute to our development, so please do follow us! If you've any questions or suggestions, you can get in touch through Twitter, or through the email address in the footer.