There are a number of academic and professional organisations which provide information and resources for educational research. Many also host conferences, seminars and workshops, and publish journals, while some also offer small grants and other funding opportunities for researchers at all stages of their careers. These may change, so do keep an eye on their websites and Twitter feeds.

    • ASME: The Association for the Study of Medical Education. One of the leading organisations for clinical education research. It has sections for students and trainees, and offers seminars and masterclasses, as well as an annual conference held across the UK. ASME also publishes the journal Medical Education.
    • AMEE: An International Association for Medical Education. As well as offering courses, funding and other resources, AMEE holds an annual conference which usually alternates between the UK and Europe. AMEE publishes the journal Medical Teacher. AMEE also organises the biannual Ottawa Conference which is held worldwide.
    • ADEE: The Association for Dental Education in Europe
    • IADR: International Association for Dental Research

You should also check your professional organisations/colleges for additional information.

The NIHR Academy provides up-to-date information on research training pathways and Fellowships. The NIHR also has a range of research funding calls, which may include ClinEdR opportunities.


If you would like to add an organisation, please contact us to let us know.