Work Packages


CASCAde is organized in six work packages.

WP1 Cryptographic Primitives. Investigates new cryptographic tools such as anonymous credential schemes and digital signature schemes. It enhances and builds a cryptographic libraries for graph signature schemes.

WP2 Cross-system Soundness and Binding. Establishes how topology certification with graph signatures can be bound to the bare metal of actual computer systems, where we largely employ Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) to facilitate the binding.

WP3 Change and Scale. Establishes tools to operate on dynamically changing systems and to handle large-scale deployments with many hundreds or thousands of components.

WP4 Usability Research. Establishes sound evidence-based foundations for CASCAde as well as for the community at large. It investigates to what extent users will trust the overall assurance of the topology certification.

WP5 System Architecture. Considers how we can create overarching system architectures benefiting from confidentiality-preserving security assurance.

WP6. Prototypes and Pilots. Establishes research prototypes that show CASCAde in action in a range of scenarios.



Interaction diagram of the CASCAde work packages