Invasive Species

The invasion of non-native species into terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (semi-natural as well as agricultural) is a growing problem in the light of climatic and land use changes. It potentially affects all sectors of society, from the local (e.g. farmers) to international scales (e.g. the Bern Convention). A novel predator, competitor or vector of disease can have a detrimental effect on the ecology of the native plant and animal communities, and this in turn can have severe socio-economic consequences as well as impacts on local biodiversity. Our research focuses on investigating the processes and dynamics of invasion by alien species and interventions to mitigate against spread 


Current Projects

Investigating the Transmission of AFB Through Honey Bee Population in England 

Grey Squirrel Population Management in Anglesey


Recent Projects

Modelling the population dynamics of hedgehogs on the Outer Hebrides with a view towards eradication

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