As a group we focus on analysing the structure and dynamics of complex biological and clinical systems, with a specific interest in developing approaches for investigating spatially and temporally heterogeneous processes. We apply strategic modelling approaches to investigate general biological principles. A key driver of our research is its practical problem solving for stakeholders through the use of state of the art modelling. We have extensive experience in a range of applied biological, environmental and health problems. We employ a wide range of analytical techniques including hierarchical modelling, Bayesian routines, multivariate statistics, expert elicitation, and network analysis. Our research portfolio is diverse with core funding sources including the UK Research Councils, the EC (FP7) and UK government (DEFRA, National Health Service, National Institute for Health Research). 

Prospective students and collaborators: We are always happy to be contacted by likeminded researchers and potential students so please do get in touch if you are interested in the work you see on our website.