Herbert Strang's Annual

Contents of Herbert Strang’s Annual 14th Year (1922)


TitleContent TypeAuthorIllustrator 
The “Flapper” and Convoy under way Frontispiece N/A Frank H Mason RBA
The “Flapper”: A Handy-man’s Holiday Story Frank H Mason RBA Uncredited Frank H Mason RBA
The Tenderfoot Story George S Surrey Henry Evison (including colour plate)
The Story of a Knight’s Destrier Story F Derrick Uncredited 
A Crash in the Desert True Story Major C C Turner (Late RAF) AFRAeS MIAeE (hons) Photographs 
Check and Checkmate Story Claude E Benson Howard K Elcock (including colour plate)
Wonders of the Seashore Article Leo Walmsley HBH; photographs
The Fall of Mann: A School Story Story Charles Turley Savile Lumley 
The Olympic Games Article Percy Longhurst Photographs 
A “Vintage” Final Story Laurance Woodhouse C E Brock (including colour plate) 
Cod Fishing in the Lofoten Islands Article Arthur O Cooke Uncredited; photographs 
Mined: A Story of a Wreck and a Rescue Story Walter Rhoades N Sotherby Pitcher 
Colborne v Hambledon Story Herbert Strang C E Brock (including colour plate) 
Wild Beasts of our Land Article Marcus Woodard JAS
Our Contribution to Science Story E A Wyke Smith Uncredited 
Lights, Buoys and Pilots: Some Account of the Work of Trinity House Article N Sotheby Pitcher (Lieut RNVR) N Sotherby Pitcher (including colour plate)
A Topping Time Story Gunby Hadath H M Brock