Looking at Children's Books

In his series of Looking at Children's Books talks, Brian offers expert insight into the history of children's literature. View featured talks below and click through to watch the lectures, or view the full list of talks.

The Looking at Children’s Books series began in 2008. The talks are free and open to all. The talks are particularly aimed at adults interested in the history of children's books and children's literature collections, and contribute towards the professional development of Seven Stories staff.

Looking at Children's Books is presented by Newcastle University’s Children’s Literature Unit in partnership with the Robinson Library and Seven Stories: National Centre for Children’s Books

Featured talks

Brian Alderson talk

Fairy tales?

The Brothers Grimm 

9th March 2016

Brian Alderson‌‌

Out of a clearer’s skip

Faith Jaques, illustrator and fighter for “illustrators’ rights”

16th May 2012

Brian Alderson

Peter Dickinson and a loft full of paper 

7th March 2012

Brian Alderson‌‌

The born illustrator

Edward Ardizzone 

8th February 2012

Brian Alderson talk

Ursula Moray Williams and a lifetime of storytelling 

11th January 2012


Brian Alderson‌‌

What are we talking about? 

Elinor Lyon and Judy Brook 

9th November 2011