Inside the Alderson Collection

Brian Alderson’s children’s book collection is vast, diverse and hugely appealing. In 2013, a Newcastle University cultural engagement project, funded by the AHRC, sent two post-doctoral researchers to meet Brian Alderson at the site of his unique collection, and gain an insight into the scope and background of this amazing collection of children’s books. 

In this project diary, poet Dr. Tara Bergin records her response to Brian’s collection, while Dr. Kate Wright gives us her view of the collection as a children’s literature scholar. Their photographs and audio recordings highlight Brian’s role as a collector and the books he collects.

Month 1: Poet's View

Detail from 'Tales of the Train' book cover

Month 2: Poet's view

Detail from cover of Struwwelpeter

Month 3: Poet's View

Detail from the cover of 'The Forest Peep Show' by Harold Jones‌‌

Month 1: Scholar's view

Detail from the cover of Herbert Strang's Annual‌‌

Month 2: Scholar's view

Detail from the cover of 'Meet My Folks' by Ted Hughes‌‌

Month 3: Scholar's view

Cover detail from 'The Big Book of Mother Goose'‌‌