Contents of The British Girl’s Annual 1920

TitleSubtitle or Content TypeAuthorIllustrator 
The Schoolgirl Frontispiece N/A Geo. Bottomley
The Choice ‘A School Story’ Christine Chaundler E P Kinsella
The Secret of the Tors ‘A Holiday Mystery’ Dorothy Marsh Garrard  N Schlegel 
How Gwennyth Made Good ‘A School Story’ Doris A Pocock  Elizabeth Earnshaw 
The Little Green Keg ‘A Story of Smuggling Days’ Dorothea Moore  Cyrus Cuneo 
The Windmill ‘How Freckles Saved the Miller’s Life – and the Miller’s Money’ W Bourne Cooke  No illustrations 
Miss Hurst on Holiday ‘A Schoolmistress Out of School’ Ethel Talbot  Charles Horrell 
The Carol Singers Poem Maud E Sargent  No illustrations 
The Half-Term Holiday School Story Angela Brazil  No illustrations 
Making Friends With Your Books Article Agnes M Miall  No illustrations 
The Stop-Gap ‘A School Story’  Grace Mary Golden  Uncredited illustration at title 
In Lilac-Time Poem Maud E Sargent  No illustrations