Work Package 5: Health and Social Care Outcomes

Research from other parts of the project will identify which people are more likely to experience harm or side effects from their medicines. This work package is focused on making sure these findings can be used in practice to help improve the treatment of people with different long-term conditions.

The aims of this work package are as follows:

1)    To investigate how different patient factors (e.g. age), social factors (e.g. living conditions), medical factors (e.g. different long-term conditions), and different medications contribute to people experiencing side effects or harm from their medication

2)    To work towards developing a guide which will assist healthcare professionals in making decisions on whether certain medications are suitable for patients. This method works by comparing health outcomes of patients with MLTC who have received different treatments.  

3)    If the guide proves to be beneficial for patients, we aim to design a trial which would evaluate the guide and apply for further funding to refine and test it.

To help develop the guide, we will speak to a range of different healthcare professionals involved in the prescribing, supply and monitoring of medications.  We will also speak to people who have experience of using medications to treat long-term conditions.