Work Package 4: Collaboration of Project Teams

Here we will explore how all the different people in the AI MULTIPLY collaboration work together in practice and how this informs the design of the Artificial Intelligence technology. This is important as the people in the collaboration bring different kinds of expertise, perspectives and knowledge to the project.

The work will explore:

  • how different people in the project understand and value what they are doing
  • what assumptions different people in the collaboration bring to the project
  • how collaborators contribute to the project team
  • how different kinds of knowledge and expertise are ‘worked through’ within the team.

The key aim is to understand how successful collaborations between people who have different fields of expertise can be achieved in the field of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

We will observe and record project team meetings and write detailed notes of our observations. We will conduct 24 – 30 in-depth interviews with selected researchers and PPIE members, and run three interactive workshops to help the research team reflect on their work.