Patient & Public Involvement

We have worked with patients and carers to design and develop our research plans from the start of ADMISSION.‌

Early ideas for this Research Collaborative were informed by a James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership, held in 2017 in Newcastle. Working in collaboration with older people, carers and health and social care professionals, the top priorities for research on multiple conditions in later life were identified.

James Lind Alliance Report: Multiple Conditions in Later LifeJames Lind Alliance Report: Multiple Conditions in Later Life 

To develop plans for ADMISSION - that focuses on improving understanding of multiple long-term conditions in adult hospital patients of all ages - we therefore held a series of discussion workshops with a new group of patients and carers in the summer of 2020

The workshop participants represented a range of ages, geography and ethnicity, as well as having diverse experiences of long-term conditions.  Our discussions centred on the lived experience of multiple long-term conditions, patient priorities and care pathways - each workshop linked to a different part of the planned project.  The workshop discussions highlighted many issues around patient pathways through hospital care - leading to changes in our research plans to include additional qualitative work with patients and carers to enhance our understanding of some of these challenges.

 Qualitative research aims to generate in-depth understanding of people’s experiences - often by asking individuals or small groups of people open-ended questions about aspects of their lives. In ADMISSION, we’re aiming to gain insights into the perceptions of people living with multiple long-term conditions and their experiences of hospital care.

 ADMISSION Public Co-Applicants

We were delighted that two workshop members joined the ADMISSION team as public co-applicants in September 2020 to help guide our research and oversee its conduct and progress. They attend Programme Management Group meetings and are involved in a range of other aspects of the research.

They tell us about their experiences:

Headshot photos and quotes from the two PPIE Co-applicants Victoria Bartle and Ray Holding

The ADMISSION Patient Advisory Group (PAG)

To support the continued contribution of patients and carers to shaping ADMISSION research and its priorities, a patient advisory group was established at the start of the project.  The ADMISSION PAG has 14 members and meets online three times per year.  Our regular discussions with the PAG members are key to ensuring that patient and carer perspectives are at the heart of our research and that they inform all stages - from planning new activities to data interpretation and dissemination. 

Timeline of ADMISSION PPIE activity to date: 

 PPIE Timeline March 2024

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