ADMISSION-QUAL is a qualitative research study that is part of the ADMISSION research collaborative. The full title of the study is Understanding experiences of hospital care for multiple long-term condtions (MLTC): a study of patient perspectives.

ADMISSION-QUAL aims to explore the hospital care experiences of people living with MLTC - more than one long-term health condition - who have been discharged from hospital within the last six months.

Why are we conducting this study?

Compared to people with single health conditions, people living with MLTC may experience longer hospital stays and slower recovery periods. However, not enough is known about how people living with MLTC experience hospital care, which is designed to provide specialist care for single health conditions. Finding out about experiences of hospital care from people living with MLTC will provide useful evidence on how hospital services can be improved.

How will the study be conducted?

We will be interviewing 40 - 50 people living with MLTC who have had experience of inpatient hospital care within the last six months. To read the study information sheet, please ‌click here

Alternatively, you can listen to a recording of the study information sheet by clicking on the play button below.

For more information please contact Dr Sue Bellass, Study Co-ordinator, at ‌

Photo of Dr Sue Bellass