'The impact of aeolian abrasion on the transformation of organic matter and detectability by the ExoMars 2020 MOMA instrument (ABRADE)'

ABRADE will conduct experiments quantifying the effects of coupled aeolian abrasion-UV irradiation on the abundance and distribution of a wide range of organic molecules targeted by the ExoMars 2020 Mars Organic Molecule Analyser (MOMA).

Data will:

  • constrain the potential survivability/detectability of organic molecules in Martian sediment,
  • aid interpretation of MOMA data,
  • potentially improve methods to remediate some persistent terrestrial organic pollutants.

 It targets the high-level ExoMars science aim ‘Search for signs of past and present life on Mars’.

Feel free to investigate ABRADE's science for yourself, meet our team and keep updated with our news and events.  

Rosalind Franklin

The rover of the joint ESA - Roscosmos ExoMars 2020 programme has been named Rosalind Franklin

ASB Conference

Astrobiology Society of Britain announce 2019 conference to be held in Newcastle!

UK Space Agency Aura Meeting

UK Space Agency Aurora community meeting on the 2020 ExoMars rover Mission

Landing Site chosen

The ExoMars landing site selection working group recommends Oxia Planum as the preferred landing site


Join us 1 km down Boulby mine for MINAR 2018

ASB-STFC Astrobiology Summer School

An overview of astrobiology, planetary science, instrumentation and related research in the UK

Welcome John

John Edgar has joined Newcastle to take on the ABRADE project