Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group

Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group

The Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group is a top-level multi-disciplinary research group of Newcastle University highly experienced in the underlying mechanisms of fibrosis in liver, lung, kidney, heart, skin and joints.

Our Research

Public Engagement

As part of a higher education institution, engaging ourselves with society is a key priority. Fibrotic diseases involve complex mechanisms which we think should be understandable by everyone. Teaching and wide diffusion knowledge about Fibrosis is one of our leading missions.

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News & Events

Dr. Worrell will give talk at 5th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress Feb 15th-17th in Bordeaux.

Title: Myeloid specific Deletion of C-REL protects against fibrosis in the bleomycin mouse model of systemic sclerosis

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Derek Mann Publishes in GUT

Prof Derek Mann and NFRG, with universities from Spain and Austria have a new paper published in GUT: Non-parenchymal TREM-2 protects the liver from immune-mediated hepatocellular damage

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CEPA Biobank Newcastle officially launched

On January 19th, the CEPA biobank which will benefit the healthcare of patients, researchers and companies, has been launched in Royal Victoria Infirmary

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Jelena Mann Publishes in GUT

Prof Jelena Mann and NFRG, with universities from Germany and Turkey have a new paper published in GUT: Plasma cell-free DNA methylation: a liquid biomarker of hepatic fibrosis

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ACMEDSCI Talk by Derek Mann

On 11th of January, Prof Derek Mann FMedSci, gave a motivating talk in the frame of the Academy of Medical Sciences Regional Celebration in Newcastle

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New NFRG paper in the American Journal of Pathology

"Fibroblasts Promote Inflammation and Pain via Interleukin-1α–Induction of the Monocyte Chemoattractant CCL2"

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