Animating Text

What is ATNU?

Animating Text at Newcastle University (ATNU) is a research project that explores new frontiers at the cross-roads between traditional scholarly textual editing, digital editing, digital humanities and computer science [...]

What is Digital Editing?

Digital editing or, to be precise, Scholarly Digital Editing, shares many of the same goals as traditional print-based Scholarly Editing. Patrick Sahle, for example, proposes the following definition [...]

Going live!

ATNU is going live!

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What is a Text in the Digital Age II

What changed with the introduction of digital technologies in scholarly editing?

ATNU at CAKE 15: Digital Archives

ATNU will be participating in the next CAKE event on Thursday 25th of January. The theme is 'Digital Archives'.

Visiting Speaker Series #1

ATNU is launching a new visiting speaker series, bringing guests from across the DH spectrum and beyond. The first speaker in the series is Dr. Raffaele Viglianti (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities)