Collaborative Agreement

We are conducting the project under a collaborative agreement between Newcastle University, Heriot-Watt University, and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP)


Viceministerio de Interculturalidad (Ministerio de Cultura)

We have collaborated with the Dirección de Lenguas Indígenas (Indigenous Languages Division) in many ways over the course of the project: participating in work meetings where we have given advice and followed policy making in action; taking part in the First National Meeting of Interpreters and Translators in Indigenous Languages (San Marcos University, Lima, 22-23 February 2015); and taking part in the 8th Training Course for Interpreters and Translators in Indigenous Languages (Quillabamba, 17 August - 5 Sept 2015). We have also worked with members of the Dirección de Consulta Previa (Prior Consultation Division).

Servicios Educativos Rurales (SER)

Colleagues at SER have supported us in many ways, putting us in touch with individuals and organisations working in indigenous rights, especially with women's organisations.


Many people who are active in the processes that we are researching have become committed to the aims of the project and have collaborated in important ways. Click for some participants’ profiles.