Info for Young People involved in our studies

There are three studies on the Transition Programme which rely on the involvement of young people - the longitudinal study; the YETI study; and the Q-Sort Study.  Details of these are given below

Longitudinal Study

There are around 370 young people involved in the Longitudinal Study, which is the largest study in the Programme.  If you are part of this study you will be receiving an annual visit from a Research Associate, who takes you through a series of questionnaires on your health services, wellbeing and participation.  Most of you will have been visited 3 times now but a few will have done their 4th (final) visit. We're happy to say that despite this study being a 3 year commitment most young people have remained involved.

Research Associates

There are 8 Research Associates based around the UK, who are responsible for visiting our Young People once a year. They collect the data which is then sent (in anonymous form) to the Programme's head office based at Newcastle University.  If you want to check who is your Research Associate their details are listed on the People page


Below are some of the previous newsletters that the Young People taking part in the longitudinal study have received from the Programme

Young Persons Newsletter May 2017

Newsletter May 2017 PDF 681Kb

May 2017 issue of the Young Persons Newsletter

Newsletter October 2016 PDF 1,248Kb

October 2016 issue of the Young Persons Newsletter

Newsletter March 2016 PDF 598Kb

March 2016 issue of the Young Persons Newsletter

Newsletter Sept 2015 PDF 784Kb

September 2015 issue of the Young Persons Newsletter

Newsletter February 2015 PDF 600Kb

February 2015 issue of the Young Person's Newsletter

Young People's Experiences of Transition (YETI)

About 15 young people from the longitudinal study are also taking part in a more detailed study called 'YETI'.   We aren't expecting results from this study for a while, as interviews are still taking place.  But if you are taking part in this study, and you need to contact the researcher or have any questions at all please email or call 0191 282 5963

The Young People's Preferences Study (or Q-Sort)

The aim of this study is to explore what young people want most from health services as they become young adults. Young people are not all the same; they will have had different experiences of growing up and different experiences of using the NHS, and because of this they may have different ideas about what they want most from health services they'll be using in future.

If you took part in this study you will have been asked to rank a series of statements about transition in order of their importance to you.  Feedback will be available here shortly on this study, so please keep an eye on this webpage.