Podcast 1: Nashe the man

In this first podcast James explores ‘Nashe the Man’ with Andrew and Jenny. We learn about where he was he born, what he got up to at Cambridge University, and how he earned his living as a professional writer in London. Nashe has a reputation as a quarrelsome fellow, and he had plenty of enemies, but we focus here on his friendships and collaborations. Who do Jenny and Andrew think Nashe would be most like now?

Andrew Hadfield and Jennifer Richards co-lead The Thomas Nashe Project. They are editing Have with you to Saffron Walden (1596) together for The New Critical Edition of Thomas Nashe. Jennifer is also editing The Unfortunate Traveller (1594) and Andrew, Lenten Stuffe (1599). For more information on Nashe the Man please do look at Charles Nicholl’s A Cup of News: The Life of Thomas Nashe, including these excerpts.