Project Team & Partners

General Editors

Joseph Black (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex)

Jennifer Richards (Newcastle University)

Cathy Shrank (University of Sheffield)


Associate Editor

Kate De Rycker (Newcastle University)

Kirsty Rolfe (University of Sussex)

Rachel White (Newcastle University)


Neo-Latin advisor and contributing editor

Lucy Nicholas (Kings College London)


Contributing Editors

Matthew Dimmock (University of Sussex)

Jason Scott-Warren (Cambridge University)

Chris Stamatakis (University College London)

Alan Stewart (Columbia University)

Emma Smith (University of Oxford)

Claire Bryony Loffman (Queen Mary University of London)

Henry Woudhuysen (Oxford University).


Advisory Board

Colin Burrow (Oxford University), Martin Butler (University of Leeds), Tom Cain (Newcastle University), Suzanne Gossett (Loyola University of Chicago), Lorna Hutson (Oxford University), David Scott Kastan (Yale University), Jason Scott-Warren (Cambridge University), Charles Nicholl (University of Sussex), Neil Rhodes (St Andrews University),  Henry Woudhuysen (Oxford University).


Individual Partners

Anna Brass (artist and film-maker)

James Tucker (actor with RSC & Propeller Shakespeare Company)

Jonathan Hope (University of Strathclyde)

Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds)


Company Partners

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