Nashe's Acoustic World

 Produced by Nick Baker (Testbed Productions) and Jennifer Richards (Newcastle University)

Thomas Nashe’s Acoustic World is a series of podcasts designed to be listened to in any way you wish, in or out of order. The conceit is that the actor James Tucker is preparing to voice Thomas Nashe in a film by Anna Brass, which will appear on this website in spring 2018. His research for the role involves him interviewing members of the Nashe Project and other experts to learn more about the identity of the man and the kind of world in which he lived. In particular James wants to find out about Nashe’s world of sound. Nashe seemed to write for the listening ear rather than the reading eye, so he’s an intriguing role for an actor.

Thomas Nashe warmly thanks Kate De Rycker, John Gallagher, Andrew Hadfield, Tracey Hill, Andy Kesson, Chris Marsh, Perry Mills, Jennifer Richards, Cathy Shrank, and Bruce Smith for taking such an interest in his life and works and, most of all, Jimmy Tucker for playing him.

Special thanks to Nick Baker of Testbed Productions who made it all happen, and who you can follow on Twitter @TestbedRadio, and Andy Watts and The Carnival Band for sharing their atmospheric music and songs.

We had a great time making the podcasts. We hope you enjoy listening to them!