Professor Haisheng Chen


Professor Haisheng Chen
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, 
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Professor Haisheng Chen's biography:
Professor Haisheng CHEN, BEng, PhD, born in 1977, is currently the deputy Director of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (IET), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He received his bachelor from University of Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1997 and Ph.D from IET-CAS in 2002. He joined IET-CAS in 2009 as a “100-Talents” professor after previous employments at University of Leeds, IET-CAS, Vrije University of Brussels and Beihang University. He is now also the Director of China National Research Centre of Physical Energy Storage and the President of Energy Storage Alliance, China Energy Research Society.

He has been working on design, experiment and numerical simulation of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and chemical systems related to energy storage and power engineering. More specifically, his research includes energy storage material and system, micro/ nano scale flow & heat transfer, fluid dynamics of internal flow of turbomachinery. He has been involved with 50+ research projects with 30+ of which being the principal investigator. His research has led to 300+ peer-reviewed papers, 2 books, 9 book chapters, 150+ patents and 11 provincial level awards. Among the papers, 130+ have been indexed by SCI database and received 5000+ citations according to the Thomson ISI Web of Science Database (SCI). He also acts as the chair/co-chair of 7 international conferences and editorial board member for 8 peer reviewed journals. He is currently the deputy editor-in-chief of 5 peer reviewed Journals including Journal of Thermal Science, Energy Storage, Journal of Energy Storage Science and Technology, Journal of Smart Grid etc.

Keynote title: Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage System: from Fundamental Research to Technological Application