Our collections

We're studying objects that have cutting edges from a variety of different collections.  The Society of Antiquaries have a fascinating collection of objects encompassing the paleaolithic period all the way up to Tudor times.  This gives us plenty of opportunities to analyse British material from the paleolithic, mesolic, neolithic and bronze ages.

While the Natural History Society of Northumbria are known primarily for their natural sciences collections, the society also keep a significant archaeology collection.  This collection contains interesting prehistoric and Egyptological artefacts, which will be invaluable for the project.  Other objects of interest are housed in collections throughout Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums.  In particular, cutting edge objects from Arbeia Roman Fort, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens and the Laing Art Gallery will all be plundered and studied!

Here are just some of the wonderful implements from the SANT collection:

The Eltringham Flint

Known to be 10,000 years old, this palaeolithic flint was an incredible find.  It is the oldest man made object for our region, proving that man was living in the north east of england in 8000BC.


The Whittingham Hoard

 In 1847 workers draining a boggy patch on Thrunton Farm found a small hoard of bronze weapons of Bronze Age date. There were three spearheads and two small swords.  As the hoard was arranged in a circle when it was found in the marsh, it is thought that it may have been a ritual deposit.