Aims & Objectives

The main aims for the Cutting Edge project are:

1.  To amalgamate data and create an online data resource.

This will provide reference metadata for 1000 objects that will

  • allow researchers to assess the analytical potential of the collections from their desktops.
  • make the collections instantly accessible for teaching purposes.
  • create a system with a single interface through which local and remote users can access information previously only available in separate repositories.
  • provide a research repository to which other researchers can contribute their own work through information collection and sharing technologies.

2.  To increase knowledge on our collections, enhance existing records and produce high resolution digital images of 1000 objects.

3.  To conduct case studies on 10 significant objects.

Through use-wear analysis, a deeper understanding of our objects will be gained.

4.  To conduct trial analyses that will demonstrate how this data can be used.

Important collections will be highlighted to illustrate how use-wear analysis can be applied to a range of artefacts, especially to ancient and ethnographic metalwork.