Keynote Speakers

 Professor Bob Critoph, University of Warwick


Professor Critoph is head of the Sustainable Thermal Energy Technology group in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick. He is principal investigator for the Interdisciplinary Centre for Storage, Transformation and Upgrading of Thermal Energy (i-STUTE). i-STUTE is one of the UK's 6 major "end use in energy demand" centres funded by the EPSRC. It develops technologies that aim to reduce energy consumption and deliver cost-effective heating and cooling which will help the UK achieve its target of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 80% by 2050. The centre brings together cutting-edge engineering advances with economic, behavioural and policy expertise to produce solutions that are both technically excellent but also appealing to business, end-users, manufacturers and installers.


 Professor Elizabeth Shove, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University


Professor Shove is Principal investigator for the DEMAND Centre (Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand). The DEMAND Centre is one of the UK's 6 major "end use in energy demand" centres funded by the EPSRC. It takes a distinctive approach to end use energy demand, recognising that energy is not used for its own sake but as part of accomplishing social practices at home, at work and in moving around. In essence the Centre focuses on what energy is for. This approach generates an ambitious research agenda that is crucial for organisations involved in demand management and in radically reconfiguring infrastructures, buildings and transport systems in line with greenhouse gas emissions targets. While greater efficiency is important, the trend is often towards more resource intensive standards of comfort, convenience and speed. The problem is that we lack a sophisticated understanding of how these trends take hold and of the underlying dynamics of demand itself. In focusing on how demand is made and met, the Centre will examine changing patterns in mobility and building-related energy use and take forward a wide-ranging agenda for future research and policy.



Professor Savvas Tassou, Brunel University London


 Professor Savvas Tassou is director of the Institute of Energy Futures at Brunel University London. He is also the principal investigator for the Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains (CSEF). CSEF is one of the UK's 6 major "end use in energy demand" centres funded by the EPSRC. The centre has 3 major themes: whole system modelling and optimisation based on both bottom up and top down approaches to identify optimal ways for reducing energy use in food chains;  investigation of technologies for reducing energy use at all stages of the chain; consideration of both corporate and individual consumer behaviour alongside other factors such as changing demographics and increasing awareness of sustainable living on food consumption trends and how these affect food chain structure and energy use.