Thermal Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes, Rajendran K., Ling-Chin J., Roskilly A.P. In Yan, Y. (Eds.), Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, Vol 4:   Intelligent Energy Systems. John Wiley & Sons (2014). New York, USA. doi:10.1002/9781118991978.

This book chapter focusses on energy efficiency in industry featuring case studies of energy use in 4 different industrial plants.

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Elsevier Applied Energy 2015 Special Issue on Energy Storage now published (Pages 463-931)  

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PRO-TEM Network: Process Industry Thermal Energy Management Network (Sept 2009- Sept 2012)

A network to promote and disseminate internationally recognised high quality research, and support knowledge transfer in process industry energy utilisation to all process industry stakeholders.

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Thermal Management of Industrial Processes 01 November 2009- 31 January 2012

A project to identify, review and technologically assess potential low grade sources.