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Tony Roskilly

Director, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research
Director of Research, Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability
Newcastle University, UK
Tel: +44 191 208 5869

The mission of the Sir Joseph Swan Centre is to provide an intellectual lead in the pursuit of the low-carbon economy of the future, by developing new technologies which reconcile human needs for energy conversion and use with social and ecological needs.


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Mark Lewis

Technical Manager
North East Process Industry Cluster
Room H224, Wilton Centre
Redcar, TS10 4RF

The North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) provides the mechanism for intimate collaboration enabling a compelling value proposition to be developed for investors. As well as providing industry leadership on strategic priorities, the cluster identifies ways to compete in the global market place.

NEPIC's members are Chemical, Petrochemical, Polymer, Specialty Chemical, Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Composites, Bioresources, Biofuels and Renewable Materials and Energy Companies.               

Chris Bayliss

Econotherm Distributor
3 The Hamlet
Leek Wootton, TS10 4RF Warwick CV35 7QW, UK

We are a leading UK based manufacturer of Heat Pipe Waste Heat Recuperators, Economisers, Pre-Heaters and Steam Condensers. Our patented super conductor Heat Pipe technology is used in a wide range of applications across many diverse industrial sectors.

Operation is through the factory base in Bridgend, UK with distributor offices in Warwick and around the world including in the USA, Spain and China.

Graham Hillier

Director of Strategy and Futures,
Centre for Process Innovation (CPI),
J2, Wilton Centre
Redcar, TS10 4RF

The Centre for Process Innovation is a UK-based technology innovation centre and part of the government’s elite High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

We use applied knowledge in science and engineering combined with state of the art facilities to enable companies to develop, prove, prototype and scale up the next generation of products and processes.



Andrew Griffiths

Sustainability Manager,
Nestlé UK Ltd,
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE3 3TR,
Tel: 0191 202 4200,

Nestlé UK, subsidiary of Nestlé SA, are manufacturers of some of the UK’s best loved brands such as NESCAFÉ and Kit Kat. We are one of the UK and Ireland's food industry’s major exporters, exporting over £300m worth of products every year to over 50 countries around the world.

We invest continuously to improve our environmental performance and ensure that the principle of sustainable development is embedded in our activities, brands and products <Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability>

Thanos Patsos

Researcher, Group Environment,
Tata Steel,
Swinden Technology Centre
Moorgate, Rotherham
S60 3AR,

Thanos Patsos has significant experience in energy matters for Tata Steel, including defining the potential for waste heat recovery. In response to the Energy and Climate change challenge, Tata Steel will be part of the solution and will achieve a leading position within the steel industry whilst creating value.

As one of the world’s leading steel producers, we are dedicated to both managing our operations responsibly and to continuous improvement. We are proud to be a member of ULCOS (Ultra-Low CO2 Steelmaking), a pioneering partnership of 48 European organisations committed to reducing the CO2 emissions of steel production by 50% by 2050.