Prof. Ulrich Stimming



Ulrich Stimming is currently a Professor of Physical Chemistry at the School of Chemistry, Newcastle University.
He was a Chair of Technical Physics University of Munich (TUM).  He was Scientific Advisor and Principal Investigator of TUM Create.

He is the founder and Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal “Fuel Cells-From Fundamentals to Systems”, VCH-Wiley. He is a member of various national and international academic advisory committees and served on evaluation panels of the European Research Council (ERC).

He also coordinated for the Association of Leading Technical Universities in Germany (TU9) a research network of a total of 8 universities in electromobility between Germany and China, and was co-director of the Joint “Institute for Advanced Power Sources” of TUM and Tsinghua University from 2010-2014.

Work Experience

  • 2016-present, Professor of Physical Chemistry, School of Chemistry, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • 2014-2016, Professor and Head of School of Chemistry, Newcastle University, United Kingdom;
  • 2012-2014, Principal Investigator and Scientific Adviser of TUM CREATE, Singapore;
  • 2011-2012, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), TUM CREATE, Center for Electromobility, Singapore;
  • 2010-2011, Member of the Governing Board, TUM CREATE, Centre for Electromobility, Singapore;
  • 2010-2014, Carl v. Linde Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study of the Technical University of Munich;
  • 2005-2008, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, ZAE Bayern;
  • 1997-2011, Head of Institute of Division 1, Member of Board of Directors, Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, ZAE Bayern, Germany;
  • 1997-2011, Full Professor (Chair), Department of Physics & Department of  Chemistry, Technical University of Munich, Germany;
  • 1991-1997, Head of “Institute of Energy Process Engineering”, Institute Energy Process Engineering, Research Center Jülich (KFA), Germany;
  • 1983-1991, Assistant, then Associate Professor Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, USA

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow of I.S.E., International Society of Electrochemistry, 2011
  • Electrochimica Acta Gold Medal, By International Society of Electrochemistry, 2010;
  • Hellmuth Fischer Medal, By DECHEMA, Germany, 1998