TUM CREATE Ltd Singapore

  • TUM CREATE is a joint collaboration between Nanyang Technological University and Technische Universität München, funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation. link to homepage

 In 2010, TUM CREATE was set up as a research center that engages the top minds from Germany and Asia. TUM Create is currently focusing on the project on Electric Mobility Solutions for Megacities (2010) at the CREATE Research Campus of the Singapore National Research Foundation. 


There are currenty more than 100 researchers working at TUM CREATE on all aspects of electromobilty in Asian megascities. Research outcomes comprise EVA, the first purpose-built electric taxi

Click here for the EVA project homepage. 


The ties of the Stimming Group with TUM CREATE are mostly via the Air Conditioning & Power Managment and the Electrochemistry & New Materials research projects. For the former, Prof. Stimming serves as External Scientifc Advsior. Currently there are a number of topics on which the Stimming Group and TUM CREATE collaborate:

  • Analysis of Low Carbon Alternatives for Road Traffic (S. Ramachandran & U. Stimming, Energy & Environmental Science, DOI: 10.1039/C5EE01512J);
  • Electric vehicles thermodynamics and desicant-based-dehumidification systems;
  • Application of Polyoxometalates for Energy Storage Devices (Chen, H., Friedl, J., U.; Stimming et al., Nanoscale 2015, 7 (17), 7934–7941);
  • Electrochemistry of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids;