Welcome to the RESCAP-MED website.

What kind of project is RESCAP-MED?

  • Funded by the EU (2 million Euros, for 3 years, 2012 – 14), a successor to MedCHAMPS, but a different kind of project with a wider set of partners
  • Awarded in response to a call for ‘Building sustainable capacity for research for health and its social determinants in low and middle income countries’
  • RESCAP-MED is a project to build research capacity, relevant to public health research, aiming to create a Mediterranean regional network for NCD researchers, in 5 disciplines:
    • epidemiology
    • health economics
    • environmental health
    • medical anthropology
    • health policy evaluation


2nd Regional Symposium, in Beirut, on Socio-political Challenges in the Mediterranean Region:
Implications for NCD Prevention and Control, December 3-4, 2014
Beirut Symposium



Please note: this project has now ended.  However, one part of RESCAP-MED involved setting up NETPH, a website which will be sustained long-term.