Seminar 3 - Prato Sept 2014

Monash University Prato Centre, Italy, Sept 15 & 16 2014.


ESRC Seminar Series

The Regulation of Work and Employment:

Towards a Multi-Disciplinary, Multilevel Framework


Seminar 3

 International Regulation
Monash University Prato Centre, near Florence, Tuscany, Italy

15 and 16 September 2014, 9am-5pm

ESRC Seminar and International Research Workshop

Monash University Prato Centre, Tuscany, Italy

15 & 16 September 2014


This Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) seminar and subsequent International Research Workshop will contribute to theory, research agendas and practice of the regulation of work, employment, human resources, labour relations, labour markets and workplace conflict. The event will include two interesting days of discussions: the seminar on the first day will consist of papers and plenary discussions to explore the diversity of regulatory regimes across geographies focusing on the links between regulation, globalization, multi-layered governance, and the diffusion of political authority. The workshop on the second day will focus on practical, theoretical and empirical contributions to develop our understanding of the themes discussed in the first day.


Speakers include:

Regulating the global supply chain, Janice R. Bellace (University of Pennsylvania, USA)Janice Bellace Presentation

 Models of national and international regulation John Budd (University of Minnesota, USA)

 The local and regional dimension of employment regulation in Italy Luigi Burroni (University of Florence, Italy)

 State capitalism in construction: staffing practices and labour relations in Chinese construction firms in Africa Fang Lee Cooke (Monash University, Australia)

Transnational private authority, regulatory space and workers collective competencies Conor Cradden, Lausanne, Switzerland.

 State intervention in employment policy Joanna Cummin (University of East Anglia, England)

In search of 'win win' in EU companies Stavroula Demeteriades, Eurofound.

 What is youth unemployment in Scotland? Valerie Dickie (Heriot Watt University, Scotland)

 The changing regulatory mosaic of temporary staffing in Europe Jennifer Ferreira (Coventry University, England)

 Contigency and modes of regulation: the case of labour standards in the New Zealand fishing industry Nigel Haworth (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Steve Hughes (Newcastle University, UK)

Recent developments in the regulation of work and employment in Italy, Roberto Pedersini (University of Milan, Italy)

 Regulating for success Troy Sarina (Macquarie University, Australia)

K.R. Shyam Sundar (Jamshedpur, India)

Sierra Leone John Stirling (Northumbria University, England)

 The rise of individualism and the implications for the regulation of workplace disputes Julian Teicher (Monash University, Australia)

Do high performance workp practices exacerbate or mitigate the gender pay gap? Keith Whitfield (Cardiff University, UK).

Workshop streams:
Regulation, government and governance
Regulation, employment relations and the firm

Theoretical perspectives, approaches and critiques to regulation

To register, go to: There are two options for registration:

OPTION 1. Attend ONLY the Seminar on 15 September: It is FREE as it is funded by the ESRC, but you must register.

OPTION 2. Attend BOTH the Seminar on 15 September AND the International Research Workshop on 16 September. There is a fee to attend the International Research Workshop. The fee is payable by credit card in AUD$, as the Centre is part of Monash University (Australia).

The full programme will be available at

Both days include lunch and refreshments, access to recreational areas, computers and WiFi access at the Monash University Prato Centre. There is be an optional Tuscan Dinner on 15 September.

Travel and accommodation: Participants (or their institutions) are responsible for their own costs for travel, accommodation and subsistence. For information about travel to the venue, accommodation and tourist information, see:

The Organising Team are:

Professor Greg Bamber (Monash University)

Dr Jenny Rodriguez (Newcastle University)
Dr Tracy Scurry (Newcastle University

Contact email for the organising team:

The Seminar is co-hosted by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC); Monash University (Australia); Newcastle University (England), and Strathclyde University (Scotland). The International Workshop is co-hosted by Monash University (Australia), Macquarie University (Australia), and Newcastle University (England).

For enquiries about the seminar’s academic program, please go to: or contact the Organising Team at: The Organising Team are: Professor Greg Bamber (Monash University, Australia), Dr Jenny Rodriguez (Newcastle University Business School, England) and Dr Tracy Scurry (Newcastle University Business School, England).

Following event in Prato
Delegates attending the ESRC Regulation Seminar and International Workshop on 15/16 September may also be interested in attending an International Symposium on Healthcare Improvement and Innovation co-convened by Monash Business School, Melbourne, to be held at Monash University's Prato Centre, 17-19 September 2014. Space is very limited so early registration is advised.