Professor Nina Laurie

I have a long track record in gender and development research and teaching and have engaged extensively in interdisciplinary collaborations promoting South-North dialogue, including a number of gender and development higher education links funded by DfID/British Council. My work interrogates knowledge production and professionalization in neoliberal development, exploring the ways in which culture and identity intersect in contemporary scenarios. My work explores how social and advocacy movements generate and mobilise around specific understandings of femininities, masculinities and indigeneity in diverse settings.  This includes the wider examination of the role of volunteers and voluntarism in development and humanitarianism. I have co-edited ‘Working the Spaces of Neoliberalism” and two books on gender and development in Spanish. I have co-authored ‘Indigenous Development’ Geographies of New Femininities and “Feminist Geographies: Explorations in Diversity and Difference

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