River management


River management research includes Steve Juggins’ use of diatom data and numerical methods to develop methodologies and software for assessing water quality, now used by all UK Water Agencies to meet their statutory obligations under the EU Water Frame Directive. Andy Large contributed to the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (Defra). Andy Large and Andy Russell examine the impacts of high-magnitude flooding (e.g. NE England 2008; Cumbria 2009) and are key members of the Flood Action Team; part of the £2.7M NERC funded SINATRA consortium project.  Andy Large is involved in new ways of approaching catchment-based restoration in partnership with a range of Rivers Trusts and the Environment Agency.

Rivers of the Antropocene Project Summary PDF 658Kb

Rivers of the Anthropocene

Rivers of the Anthropocene seeks to begin a new type of discussion about humans and their river environments.

SINATRA Project Summary PDF 393Kb

SINATRA Project Summary

SINATRA aims to advance scientific understanding of the processes determining the probability, incidence, and impacts of flooding from intense rainfall (FFIR)