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Physical Geography project titles available for MPhil projects (2014-2015):

Reconstructing ENSO: late Holocene records of hydrological variability in northern Peru. (Dr Andrew Henderson,

Palaeoproductivity of the Japan Sea: reconstructing links to Asian monsoon variability through the Quaternary. (Dr Andrew Henderson,

Holocene hydrological variability in the Equatorial Pacific: assessing the role of the western Pacific warm pool. (Dr Andrew Henderson,

Using near-surface geophysics to constrain the glacial and postglacial environmental history of Tregaron Bog, mid-Wales. (Dr Neil Ross, – Funding secured for ALL fieldwork.

Testing the PARALLEM landscape evolution model: A model-data comparison study of the Late Pleistocene development of the Upper Thames catchment, UK. (Prof Darrel Maddy,

High resolution mapping using low altitude UAV-based aerial photography: The Plio-Pleistocene fluvial terrace sequence of the Upper Kura catchment, Eastern Turkey. (Prof Darrel Maddy,