Newcastle Fungal Group

We use fungi to study key aspects of cell biology and disease. Our work encompasses model yeast systems as well as human and plant pathogenic fungi.

fungal systems

Areas of interest include:

  • Carbohydrate Utilisation

  • Cellular Stress Responses

  • Chromatin & Epigenetics


  • DNA Damage Responses

  • High-throughput Screening

  • Nutrient Sensing & Acquisition


  • Pathogenesis & Infection

  • RNA processing & Quality Control

  • Telomere Function

BMS Annual Scientific Meeting 2023

BMS Annual Scientific Meeting 2023 - Fungal Interactions Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

SGM Meeting: Candida and Candidiasis 2023

Registration is OPEN for Candida & Candidiasis 2023

Review from the Whitehall lab published

Heterochromatin in the phytopathogen, Zymoseptoria tritici

New Publication from the Quinn Lab

Polyphosphate mobilization & the virulence of Candida albicans