To select the best-suited panel for your experiment, please access the NanoString Gene List Search tool.

Gene Expression
nCounter Gene Expression Panels are off-the-shelf preassembled CodeSets that include nCounter Master Kits with all of the consumables and reagents to perform the assay. Gene lists for the nCounter Gene Expression Panels were created by cross referencing several public databases and applying stringent criteria to ensure a comprehensive list of relevant genes.

Pre-built Panels:
PanCancer Progression Profiling for Human
PanCancer Immune Profiling for Human
PanCancer Pathways for Human
Human Immunology v2
Human Inflammation v2
PanCancer Immune Profiling for Mouse
Mouse Immunology
Mouse Inflammation v2
Human Breast Cancer ER
Stem Cell
Human Kinase
Human Reference
Human Cancer Reference
Customer Assay Evaluation (CAE)

nCounter Custom CodeSets
Custom CodeSets are available for most organisms and hard to target sequences.

miRNA CodeSets
Human miRNA
Mouse miRNA
Rat miRNA
Custom à la carte miRNA CodeSets

Copy Number Variation CodeSets
Cancer CN Assay
Human Karyotype Panel
CNV Custom CodeSets

Panel Plus & CodeSet-Plus
Any off-the-shelf panel kit can be customised by utilising up to 30 unique Reporter Codes exclusively formulated for use in Panel-Plus and CodeSet-Plus products.

miRGE CodeSets
The miRGE system provides exceptional ease-of-use for the combined analysis of miRNA and mRNA expression. The nCounter miRGE Assay delivers accurate and sensitive profiling of 100 to 200 mRNA targets and between 5 and 30 miRNA targets.