Newcastle AI Lab

We are a group of researchers working in the area of AI. You can find information in these pages about us, our projects and our outputs.

Talk at the Welcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research

Atif's talk at the Welcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research Seminar Series about his research project, mitoML: Machine learning approaches to understand mitochondrial disease pathology. Read on to find out more


We've had three posters accepted for SMM2021


Kirsten Richardson was group facilitator at a Data Study Group at the Alan Turing Institute on Deep Reinforcement Learning

CVPR2021 NAS Competition

Competition on unseen data NAS at CVPR 2021 We're running a workshop at CVPR on Neural Architecture Search over unseen data. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Rob Geada.

Keynote at ENBIS

Keynote on: Using AI to improve our Understanding of Waste-water processing

Invited Talk: Wastewater Zero

Going Beyond, Scaling and Tuning Microbial Simulations towards Real-world Systems

Talk at PES-GB / RSS

An introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks and their uses

Talk to Cafe Scientificque

Beating Cybercrime with Artificial Intelligence

Paper: Not Half Bad

Not Half Bad: Exploring Half-Precision in Graph Convolutional Neural Networks

Big Data 2020

NAIL at Big Data

NeurIPS 2020