In 1981, two years after its publication, Murakami’s first novel Hear the Wind Sing was adapted into a film directed by ┼îmori Kazuki. Since then, film directors around the world have transformed Murakami’s textual worlds onto the visual screen.

Three of these films were shown at the event "Murakami Haruki on Screen", which took place 8 March 2018 at Newcastle's historic Tyneside Cinema. These included Director Yamakawa Naoto's two short films Attack on the Bakery (1982) and A Girl, She is 100 Percent (1983) as well as Carlos Cuarón's The Second Bakery Attack (2010), which was produced by Lucas Akoskin.

Following the screening, there was a discussion between the film makers and film scholars.

Download the Full programme for an overview of the project events.