MoSMed CDT involves an extensive, regional, national and international network of partners from large companies to smaller biotechnology organisations and national facilities.

Our partners bring industrial relevance to the CDT. Together they operate across the innovation continuum from fundamental researchers to end users. Their research interests are fully aligned to those of the programme.

They are fully involved in the conception and supervision of research projects and all students have the opportunity for an industrial placement as part of their studies.

Representatives from our partner organisations also contribute to the training programme.

Olivia Gittins, CDT Doctoral Researcher (Cohort 1):

“I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to visit Diamond Light Source to assist with crystallographic data collection on the I03 beamline. Chatting to beamline scientists about their work and going on a tour of the facility gave me an appreciation of the vast range of scientific disciplines that benefit from collaborations with Diamond. I can’t wait to hopefully visit again soon to learn more about their Electron Bio-Imaging Centre!”

Ruth Walker, CDT Doctoral Researcher (Cohort 1):

"Having Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) as an industrial partner is an invaluable opportunity. I am enjoying collaborating on my PhD project with Dr Frank H. Büttner (BI) and I am really looking forward to undertaking my year's placement at BI.  It will be an excellent chance to develop on many levels, with both my research skills in an industrial setting as well as personally through working in Germany, experiencing a different culture and expanding my knowledge.

Leonie Müller, CDT Doctoral Researcher (Cohort 2):

“I am really looking forward to my collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline. It is a great opportunity to gain insights into a world leading pharmaceutical company. During my training at the Stevenage site of GSK, I will be able to transfer my acquired techniques into formats relevant to drug discovery in pharmaceutical industry."

Our Partners

Large pharmaceutical company partners develop innovative therapies across multiple disease areas.  They have also pioneered cutting-edge new modalities and new technologies of direct relevance to MoSMed: 

Contract research organisations (CROs) are critical contributors to research and innovation in the sector and are leading employers: 

Regional biotechnology companies represent a vital source of innovation and growth: 

Instrument providers develop the vital equipment for measurements that inform the discovery of new molecules: 

Large facility partners provide state of the art data that allows new molecules to be designed and improved: 

NHS trusts are key end users of life science research and development. We have integral links with the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust, their involvement will be supplemented by the inclusion of the South Tees and Northumberland NHS Trusts as partners.  

Further links to industry are provided by networking organisations: