About Us

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Molecular Sciences for Medicine (MoSMed) is an EPSRC funded joint venture between Newcastle and Durham Universities aiming to train and equip the next generation of scientists and produce cutting edge research at the interface between chemistry and medicine.

CDTs provide training for a large cohort of PhD students in a single centre with significant added benefits above those provided by individual studentships. MoSMed provides a CDT experience for students focussed on research at the interface of chemistry and medicine.

MoSMed projects are based in both molecular and medical sciences and focus on new applications of molecules to unmet needs in medical research. This is focussed into research themes of: understanding of disease biology, identification of new therapeutic targets, and new approaches to the discovery and development of novel therapies.

Each cohort is made up of researchers with a broad range of backgrounds from pure maths to the biological sciences and everything in between united by their work in the furtherment of the knowledge of human disease and its treatments.

Training of scientific leaders

Our CDT delivers a comprehensive research and training programme focussed on science at the interface of molecular and medical sciences, business skills, innovation and entrepreneurship. Together the training programme will equip our students with the skillset to become future leaders.

High demand for Life Sciences researchers

The Life Sciences sector contributed more than £30bn to the economy in 2015. It supports half a million jobs in the UK and so there is a high demand for researchers trained in this area.

Molecular sciences such as chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology and protein science, are vital innovations in medicine and the discovery of new medicines and diagnostics.

Benefitting from partnerships with industry

Our CDT also benefits from partnerships, which include:

- Biotech companies

- Pharmaceutical companies

- Societal stakeholders

Our partners form an integral part of the CDT progamme and are actively involved in many of the projects.

Two Institutes, One Campus

MoSMed is a single research programme across both Newcastle and Durham Universities to form an extended campus. Students benefit from the complementary research expertise of both institutions in an innovative training environment.