Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

As a CDT we are committed to upholding our EDI beliefs throughout all that we do. We are also guided by the EDI strategies of both of our institutions (please see the EDI websites, available here for Newcastle and Durham Universities). We are dedicated to the development of a safe, positive, respectful and inclusive environment within our CDT community.

EDI Working Group

The MoSMed CDT EDI Working Group meets quarterly, and ensures that our principles are entrenched in all our activities including recruitment, the supervision and training of our Doctoral Researchers, collaborations with our partners and stakeholders, and in the planning and delivery of our CDT events.

While we are fully supportive of EDI principles, we realise that the most powerful demonstration of our commitment to EDI strategies is in the practical implementation of these beliefs through positive action. To this end the EDI Working Group is responsible for the implementation and oversight of EDI strategies throughout the CDT. We are prepared to develop these responses and strategies as our cohort and activities evolve. We are therefore committed to react to issues identified with positive action, following regular analysis of our actions through surveys, data collection, consultation with EDI experts and feedback from our partners.

Craig Hinds

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If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email mosmed.cdt@ncl.ac.uk