Training of junior researchers

This work package is led by Kathleen Bennett in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, Dublin, Ireland.

The aims of the Work package 9 were to:

  • To develop research capacity in relevant areas by introducing new research methods and skills to all the junior researchers in the consortium.
  • To provide junior researchers, particularly young scientists and social scientists, with opportunities to develop capacity for international and multi-cultural research by participating in data collection, model development, and implementation of field work in the four study countries.

Provision of training
To date several courses and workshops have been organised to facilitate the development of the other work packages in relation to the qualitative research and the quantitative epidemiological models.

COURSE 1:Training workshop on Qualitative and Ethnographic Research Methods for Work package 5

    • Aleppo, Syria: 3rd-11th October 2009 (local organiser Dr Fouad Fouad)
    • Facilitators: Prof Peter Phillimore, Dr Shahahduz Zaman

COURSE 2: Training workshop on cardiovascular and diabetes epidemiology and epidemiological modelling

    • Izmir, Turkey: 15th-19th January 2010
    • Facilitators: Dr K Bennett, Prof S Capewell, Dr M O’Flaherty,
      Prof J Critchley, Prof N Unwin and Dr B Unal (also local organiser)

COURSE 3: Health economics/Economic evaluation

    • Tunis, Tunisia: 24th-26th July 2010
    • Organised by Dr Awad Matari

WORKSHOP 1: Epidemiological modelling

  • Tunis, Tunisia: 18th-22nd July 2010
  • Organised by Prof Capewell, Dr O’Flaherty and colleagues
  • Primary aims:
    • to train participants in the updated impact model
    • to start to enter preliminary data collected in the model
    • to identify areas of further work and follow-up

WORKSHOP 2: Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop for WP5

  • Istanbul, Turkey, 14th-17th September 2010
  • Organised by Prof Phillimore and Dr Zaman
  • Primary aims:
    • to train the participants in purpose and scope of qualitative analysis
    • to gain practice in doing analysis and reflecting/justifying choices
    • to develop appreciation of what Atlas.ti can and cannot do in aiding analysis
    • to identify the initial patterns of the findings and make a prelimiary comparison

WORKSHOP 3: Writing for publication

  • Tunis, Tunisia, 28th May- 1st June 2012
  • Led by Prof Julia Critchley and Prof Belgin Unal
  • Participants expected from Tunisia, Palestine, Turkey

 RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT: Work Packages 2, 4 and 5

  • Mentoring and research development continued after the initial training courses and workshops.
  • Joint supervision continued between European and ICPC countries. There were some exchange visits between researcher(s) and tutors (to UK or vice-versa) or contact via email/telephone/skype during the project.
  • The aims were :
    • to review data collection both qualitative and quantitative
    • to review the CHD IMPACT model development
    • to review the analysis of qualitative data