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MedCHAMPS (Mediterranean Studies of Cardiovascular disease and Hyperglycaemia: Analytical Modelling of Population Socio-economic transitions) is a European Commission research project involving institutions from six different countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. It aims to make recommendations about policy initiatives, both within and outside the health sector, likely to be the most effective and cost-effective in reducing the burden of cardio vascular diseases (heart disease and stroke) and diabetes in the Middle East and Africa.

This web site serves two purposes:

1. To inform the public about MedCHAMPS and its aims and objectives

2. To facilitate the exchange of information between collaborating Partners

The final MedCHAMPS event took place in Tunis on 26th February 2013.
The findings from MedCHAMPS were presented to an invited audience of around 70 policy makers and academics, most of whom were from the Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania). The event was organised and hosted by Professor Habiba Ben Romdhane. A full list of participants at the event and links to press releases in French and Arabic can be found here Participants and press releases

The MedCHAMPS partners, plus new partners, are now working on RESCAP-MED.  This website is kept updated as papers are published (see Publications & Presentations). 


You may be interested in some of the latest activities of the Partners.

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