The Cutting Edge

‌‌The online archive, which includes archaeological information about the objects as well as high-resolution pictures of their cutting edges, consists of separate systems for accessing, aggregating, and presenting the metadata. The user interface offers different contexts in which to view collections. These include a geo-locational view that can plot artefact find locations onto different map styles and incorporate different third-party datasets, and also a timeline view allowing the user to see where an artefact sits in human history.

The project aims to respond to the growing demand for metadata archives by artefact specialists and use-wear analysts worldwide. By providing high-resolution photographs of the objects including close-ups of their cutting edges, the archive makes for the first time possible to assess the potential of use-wear analysis from remote stations. This is especially important for metal objects as surface corrosion may seriously hinder any possibility of detecting manufacturing and use traces.

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Project Leader: Professor Eric Cross (Newcastle University)

Other Staff: Dr Andrea Dolfini (Newcastle University); Dr Chris Fowler (Newcastle University); Dr Stephen McGough (Newcastle University); Mr Mark Turner (Newcastle University); Dr Sarah Glynn (TWAM); Mr Andrew Parkin (TWAM); Ms Jo Anderson (TWAM); Ms Mel Whewell (TWAM); Ms Lindsay Allason-Jones (Steering Group); Prof Peter Davis (Steering Group); Prof Paul Watson (Steering Group)

Sponsors: JISC Resource Discovery Programme

Partners: Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle

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