Leukaemia Research Cytogenetics Group

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne on the Newcastle University city centre campus in the impressive Herschel Building the Leukaemia Research Cytogenetics Group (LRCG) is led by Professor Christine Harrison and Professor Anthony Moorman. A world leader in analysing the prognostic relevance of somatic genetic abberations, the LRCG is a group of talented researchers with the principal research objectives of discovering and characterising genetic abnormalities critical to the development of acute leukaemia and to assess their diagnostic and prognostic relevance within the context of national and international clinical trials.

Currently, the LRCG holds genetic, demographic and clinical data on around 30,000 patients treated on over fifteen National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) clinical trials and it continues to collect data on a weekly basis. Over the past few years the LRCG has undertaken numerous research projects both standalone and as part of national and international collaborations. Highlights include the discovery and characterisation of two novel genetic abnormalities in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and a major analysis of the prognostic relevance of cytogenetics in adult ALL.