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Below are listed only some of the many websites in existence looking at EU affairs. They contain different voices and perspectives.

European Union Institutions

Perhaps the best way to access what is going on in the EU system is to access the main European Union homepage:

The UK office of the European Parliament specialises in giving help and advice to the UK public:

This site provides links to the national governments:

Finding Information about the European Union

An excellent starting point for finding out which UK institutions and organisations can give you information on the EU is Europe in the UK Information Network:

Within the Europa websites are several sites that provide help with EU terms:
Alternatively there is the EUABC page:

For people wishing to know more about the history of the EU and accessing EU documentation, here are two websites:

Daily news on EU affairs

The following websites provide daily coverage and are free:
EU Observer:

European Voice gives an important independent weekly examination of EU affairs but requires a subscription:

Other voices on Europe

Much of the key websites are written and maintained by EU actors. For other perspectives, you might be interested in examining:

Other Relevant Institutions in Europe

If you have a particular interest in Human Rights in Europe, the Council of Europe, a separate body, has pushed many of the key developments in the UK and the EU: