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About Jean Monnet Center

The Jean Monnet Project

The Jean Monnet Project was launched in 1990 by the European Commission to support the teaching and learning of 'European integration' in universities and other higher education establishments. Over the past decades the Project has helped to raise the visibility of European specialists and studies by establishing Jean Monnet Chairs, European Modules and Centres of Excellence at more than 600 universities in the European Union member states.

Each year, more than 200 000 young people benefit from Jean Monnet teaching activities, and a network of over one thousand professors specializing in European integration studies has now been developed.

In recent years, the Jean Monnet Project has set up working groups on such subjects as the 1996 Intergovernmental Conference, the Euro, Community Funding Fraud, the WTO, the History of European Construction, as a means of involving the Jean Monnet professors in the debate on the interests of the European Union.

The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence at Newcastle University is one of fifteen such centres in the United Kingdom which aim to promote a deeper understanding of Europe in its international, national and regional contexts.