Information Governance Toolkit Framework

The Information Governance Toolkit Framework is how the University delivers Toolkits.  The framework is governed by the FMS Information Governance Steering Group (FMS IGSG) which has responsibility for IGT across the University.

The aim of the framework when it was designed was to reduce as much as practicable the amount of work by academics to comply with IGT. So for example although the University will have multiple toolkits you will only need to do the training once. Or if you have completed the training as part of an NHS role you wont need to repeat it.

A toolkit is made up of 14 different units, and overall there are 125 different items of Evidence required for a Toolkit. If the following process is followed completely then this provides us with all the evidence that is needed for a Toolkit.

Step 1; Meeting with the Information Security Officer(FMS), They will take you through the Project Enrollment Form, and ask for further information to be provided including  

IGT Information Asset register. 
IGT Members list – Full list of all individuals that are to be included in the Toolkit.
IGT Hardware – All Equipment that will be used to access IGT data.
IGT Locations – Where will the Data be used,

Step 2;
Email sent to all members of the IGT with a copy of the 3 key documents.
Template Email is provided
IGT Information Governance Statement
IGT Handbook
IGT Information Security Policy
All IGT members must respond to acknowledge that they have received a copy of the documents and that they have read and understood them. They must also sign the agreement contained in the staff handbook and return this to the IG Lead.

Step 3; All members must complete the IG Training or provide evidence that they have completed the NHS IGT training by sending either a certificate of completion or a screendump/copy of email confirming training to 

Once the above steps have been completed a Toolkit can be submitted.  

 All IGT Data must only be used and stored in the Technical Environment provided. Data can only be accessed by designated members of the IGT, and access will only be given after the above steps have been completed.